Meet the Heritage Baptist Church Ministry Leaders

Garry & Becky Martin - Pastor and wife
Dan & Charity
Rakoncay - Deaf Pastor and wife

Joe & Helen Kenderick.....Kingdom Builders

Emory & Cassie Nelson....Life Builders

Andrew & Dana Martin.....Family Builders

Becky Martin.................Home Builders

Dan & Charity Rakoncay...Deaf Minisrty


Jarrod & Joannah Martin...The Branch Teen Ministry

Isalee Meir ....................Roots Junior Class

Evelyn Bonnier.................Roots Primary Class

Samantha Kilgore.............Roots Beginner Class

Tina Brophil....................Nursery

Joe Kenderick

Darrell Crosby

Special Camps & Conferences:

Teens: Senior camp at Venture of Faith Christian camp in Valdosta, GA or The Wilds Christian Camp in Brevard, NC.  The Juniors also attend these camps.

Ministries at HBC
Sunday School and Fellowship Time:

Sunday School - 9:30 to 10:15 A.M.

Discipleship Class: class especially designed to lay a spiritual foundation in the life of a Christian through the discipline of the Bible

Deaf Ministry: Bible study during Bible Fellowship Hour, Sunday AM deaf preaching service, discipleship, group activities, camps, conferences, outreach opportunities; interpretation provided for all church-wide activities

"The Branch" Teen Ministry: Activities, camps, Sunday morning Bible study, outreach, Bible quizzes

Roots: Special church time for children 6th grade and under during the Sunday morning worship service

Kids Club: Special time in the scripture and with other children for children 6th grade and under during the Wednesday Evening worship service

Monthly Activities:

HELP: Soul winning and outreach - specified Tuesday nights at 6:30 P.M.

Saturday Flea Market Evangelism: Members work at the St. Augustine Flea Market every Saturday witnessing and taking prayer requests from Flea Market patrons

Prayer Team: Every day of the week at least two members are scheduled to commune in prayer praising God, asking God's blessings on the ministries of Heritage Baptist Church, as well as praying for the spiritual and physical needs of church members and the community

Other ministries:
Hospital Visitation
Phone Call Ministry
and Special Music
Greeters and Ushers