Pastor Martin's Message to You

          Having been the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church for 30 years it has been my privilege to see God's great and gracious blessing on this ministry.  From people being saved to seeing them grow in the Lord, and begin to take on leadership roles in our church, it truly is a joy to see God's plan fulfilled in the hearts and lives of our members.

          Heritage Baptist Church is made up of a great group of people who are warm and friendly and who seek to serve the Lord. I like to say that Heritage Baptist Church is a place where "Family, Friends, and Faith Come Together". I believe you will feel right at home here and develop some deep and lasting friendships.

The purpose for the ministry of Heritage Baptist Church is to glorify God in all we say and do.  Our ministry is designed to do just that to the best of our ability and to help each member find a place of service.  From outreach ministries, prayer ministries, music ministries, Sunday morning Bible study, discipleship ministries and many other aspects of service, I believe you will find a special place for you.

I hope that you will plan to be with us real soon.  Whether you are a resident of our great city or just on vacation, we would count it a blessing to have you as our special guest.  I would love to meet you and get better acquainted with you at one of our next services.

          If we can be of help to you please feel free to call on me and the ministry of Heritage Baptist Church.



                                                                     Sincerely In His Service,



                                                                     Pastor Garry W. Martin